• Rotem Meter View Calibration (RMVC)

    The RMVC Software package is compatible to our full line of instruments. It is used to record data,┬ásetup the parameters of the instrument, calibrate the instruments and upload firmware into the DRM Series and the TelePole II meter and detector. This software was developed with the latest tools and includes an online manual as well […]

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  • RAM R-200 Configuration

    The Configuration software is used to configure the various working parameters of the RAM R-200 Meter and connected detectors. The first screen is used to read the existing parameters from the instrument; the second screen is used to write the new parameters into the instrument. Both the software and operating manual can be downloaded from […]

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  • Rotem Meter View (RMV&RMC)

    The Rotem Meter View program is compatible to The PDS Instruments, AMP FAMILY, DRM Series, TelePole, RAM R-200 and detectors, RAM ION series and the RAM DA 2000 series. Download the combined Rotem Meter Utility program version 4.4.1 (RMV and RMC in one program with a common port setup). New features in RMV: Capability to […]

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  • Go Manager

    The Go Manager software is an innovative package designed to enhance the capabilities of our PDS-GO PRD Instrument. The software is used to download radiation data, create historical reports and in the advanced mode, set the parameters of the PDS-GO GoManager Software Setup ROTEM logo (version GoManager Software Setup MGP logo (version USB […]

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    Go Manager
  • DRM Firmware Uploader

    This Software package is used to upgrade the firmware in the DRM Family. The Software is Win-10 compatible. Please download the instructions from here    

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