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Rotem’s MediSmarts Area and Stack Monitoring System is a Comprehensive Radiation Monitoring System for Cyclotron facilities, Accelerators and Proton Therapy Centers. With over 240 installed systems worldwide, This is the most respected and used radiation monitoring system available today.

The MediSmarts System is a modular system consisting of a number of Monitoring Channels strategically placed in the hot areas of the lab, and together with our (Exhaust) Stack Monitoring system, provides live radiation levels to a Central Computer which Display the live data on a map providing the user with a clear view of the radiological conditions.

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Stack Monitoring

Area Monitoring

Production Monitoring






Exceeds all regulatory requirements for recording and reporting of radiation safety data

Recognized by all leading cyclotron manufacturers

Over 240 referenced users worldwide

Superior Support and Service Teams

Flexible System configurations to meet your facility’s exact requirements

Factory calibration of all detectors

Coming Soon, an advanced POE Ethernet version, we are thinking of calling it WebiSmarts

Our Commitment to Quality