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RAM GENE-1 Meter

The RAM GENE-1 mark II, designed for work in extreme conditions, features a ruggedized casing and backlight.

This versatile instrument is a combined dose rate and contamination meter designed to be used with one hand.


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Product Specifications

The RAM GENE-1 is equipped with a recessed, internal GM pancake

detector using a thin mica window protected by a stainless steel screen.

The transition between measuring dose rate radiation and contamination is

achieved by simply removing or placing the plastic cap.


Detector:                   1.75″ Pancake GM tube – LND73118 or equivalent

Count Range:           0 – 42,000 cps

Measuring Range:   0.05 µSv/hr to 7 mSv/hr (5 µR/hr to 700 mR/hr)

Sensitivity:                Approximately 5.8 cps/µSv/hr (58 cps/mR/hr) – 137Cs

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Product Specifications

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