Our radiation monitoring systems are used in nuclear power plants and other sensitive facilities. We consistently use state-of-the-art data communication technology (LAN, WLAN, WIFI, Xigbee, 4G and radio transmission) based on our world renowned MediSmarts System. This allows for efficient implementation, offering comprehensive functionality and ease of use for many years. Our extensive product range and the versatile, modular equipment facilitates the connection to diverse sensors and analytical technologies as well as integration into existing infrastructures.




PM-33 ERK small PM-33 Environmental Monitor

Detector Measuring Range: Background to 10 uSv/h

Measuring Range: Background to 15 mSv/h (1.5 R/h) where the internal GM tube in the TeleMeter is activated to measure from 10 uSv/h to 15 mSv/h

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RP-33 ERK small


 RP-33 Environmental Monitor

Detector Measuring Range: Background to 10 uSv/h

Environmental Monitor Measuring Range: Background to 1 Sv/h (100 R/h) where the internal GM tubes in the RAM R-200 are activated to measure from 10 uSv/h to 1 Sv/h

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Our complete range of stand-alone environment monitors for indoors and outdoors which can be connected to our Software which provides an online live reading of radiological conditions with color coded points according to the current dose rate values and historical data.


We also offer the RAM R-200 EN Portable Survey Meter which provides a very wide measuring range from 10 nSv/h to 1 Sv/h and is used by survey teams to survey the boundaries of Nuclear Power Plants and other sensitive installations.

RAM R-200 EN survey Meter

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