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The DRM-3000 Monitor is the latest innovative instrument designed to provide the best possible user experience in Area Monitoring today. The DRM-3000 supports three external detectors and one internal detector, with automatic identification from a wide range of external detectors up to 100 meters distant to the Monitor

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Product Specifications

Either Wall or Tabletop mounted, the DRM-3000 can be powered directly from any AC source or Powered through POE. Radiation Data is sent from the DRM-3000 through any wireless medium or Ethernet cable. Color Coded background changes according to the radiation level, providing an excellent visual indication of the radiological conditions.

The DRM-3000 supports a wide range of external detectors

  • IP-65, Hardened, High Impact Plastic Casing
  • Supports 1 internal and 3 external detectors
  • Auto recognition of ALL Rotem, and other detectors
  • Wall or Tabletop mounted
  • Large 7” HD Graphic Display with Status icons
  • Background Color on Display reflects dose rate according to thresholds
  • Multicolored LED provides visual reference to threshold levels
  • Option to activate internal buzzer or high volume buzzer
  • Up to 100 yards cable between Detector and Meter
  • Powered by external Power 110VAC, POE or Internal Battery (24 hours)
  • Contains a dry contact solenoid to activate external devices
  • Accepts any 4-20mA input from external devices
  • Advanced communication: TCP/IP, RS-485, Wi-Fi, Xbee…
  • Setup/Diagnostics via RMVC software
  • Saves up to 1 years data internally
  • Direct connection to Computer or network via standard Ethernet cable
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Product Specifications

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