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GM-10 Detector

The GM-10 pancake detector,is designed for efficient surface monitoring of alpha, beta and gamma radiation contamination on skin, clothing, shoes, laboratory bench tops, floors, equipment etc.

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Product Specifications

An ideal detector for maintaining the highest safety standards in laboratory environments, nuclear medicine, molecular biology, radio-chemistry, transport of nuclear materials and storage facilities.


GM Type:                    Pancake LND 73118 or equivalent

Window:                        Mica 1.5 – 2.0 mg/cm2 protected by a fine stainless steel wire mesh

Sensitivity (137Cs):     Approximately 350 cpm/µSv/hr (3500 cpm/mR/hr)

Accuracy:                        ±15% of reading

Count Rate Range:       0 – 42,000 cps

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GM-10 20072020

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Product Specifications

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