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IC-10 Detector

The IC-10 is a rugged ion chamber based detector designed for accurate and highly stable field measurements. The detector is used for measuring exposure rates of gamma, X-ray, and beta radiation over a wide range.

Also available with a 6 MeV Energy sleeve

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Product Specifications

The IC-10 Detector, used with the RAM DA-2000 or part of the WebiSmarts System makes an excellent choice for maintaining the highest safety standards in a wide variety of applications including, radiochemistry, nuclear medicine, transport and storage, radiotherapy, research laboratories and health physics.

Measuring Range:                      1 µSv/hr to 250 mSv/hr (0.1 mR/hr to 25 R/hr)

Accuracy:                                     ±15% of reading within measuring range

Gamma Energy Dependence:      Better than ±20% at 20keV to 1.2MeV (related to 137Cs)

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IC-10 Ion Chamber 19072020

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Product Specifications

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