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PDS-100 Series

The PDS-100 series are the most ultimate evolution of the gamma and/or gamma/neutron radiation detectors offering embedded spectrum acquisition and identification.

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Product Specifications

These sensitive pocket-sized devices are designed to detect, locate, quantify and identify radioactive sources to discriminate on the spot, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), main medical isotopes against industrial sources or Special Nuclear Materials.

Manufactured by Rotem for OEM Mirion Technologies.

Detector gamma CsI(Tl) 400 cps per μSv/h for 137Cs

Detector neutron LiI(Eu) (GN version only)

Gamma dose rate display 0.01 μSv/h to 100 μSv/h / 1 μR/h to 10 mR/h

Gamma count rate display: 0 to 99 999 cps

Neutron count rate display: 0.0 to 999 cps

Gamma alarm response time:

Standard threshold. : 0.5 μSv/h step, alarm within 1 s

Sensitive threshold. :0.05 μSv/h step, alarm within 3 s

Neutron alert response time mean time to detect 2.5 n/s/cm2 Cf252 2 s

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Product Specifications

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