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PM-10 Detector

The PM-10 is a gamma scintillation probe for detection of low energy gamma and X-rays. It can be purchased optimized for detection of 125I and other low energy gamma emitters.

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Product Specifications

The high efficiency of the PM-10 provides a minimum detectable level (MDL) of 0.35Bq/cm2 (approximately 1.10-5 µCi/cm2 surface contamination of 125I.

Radiation Detected:       Low energy gamma, 10keV to 80keV

Scintillator:                   NaI(Tl) 2″ diameter, 0.04″ thick. Window of 1 mil. (0.001″) aluminum

Energy Calibration:        SCA within the energy range ±5keV (minimum)

Count Rate Range:        0 – 50,000cps

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PM-10 20072020

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Product Specifications

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