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RAM DA-2000 Meter

The RAM DA 2000 is a “Smart” instrument, capable of recognizing a wide range of external detectors and downloading radiological data to a Computer. This versatile instrument is ideal for applications including area survey, contamination monitoring, preset scaling and high dose freeze reading.


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Product Specifications

The RAM DA 2000 is available with dual, wide range internal GM detectors (RAM DA3-2000) and a choice of external interchangeable detectors suitable for alpha, beta, low or high-energy gamma and X-ray detection. These quality, plug and play detectors automatically recalibrate and select the appropriate readout units when connected to the RAM DA 2000.

RAM DA3-2000

Internal Detector:               ZP1201 and ZP1313 (or equivalent)

Measuring Range:               0.5µSv/hr to 1 Sv/hr (50 µR/hr to 100R/h)

Display Range:                     0.01µSv/hr to 1 Sv/hr (1 µR/hr to 100R/hr)

Accuracy:                               ±10% of reading

Energy Response:                ±30% over the range of 50keV to 1.3MeV ±20% over the range of 60keV to 1.3MeV

Angular Dependence:         Less than ±20% for ±45o of preferred direction

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RAM DA 2000

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