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RAM GAM-1 Meter

The RAM GAM-1 is a compact, portable, lightweight instrument designed for single-handed operation.

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Product Specifications

The RAM GAM-1 Gamma Survey Meter is a state of the art, microprocessor based instrument. It offers optimal performance and is ideal for maintaining the highest safety standards in applications including:
Industrial gauging, borehole logging and radiography

Detector:                   Energy compensated GM tube – ZP1201 or equivalent

Measuring Range:   0.5 µSv/h to 15 mSv/h (0.05 mR/hr to 1.5 R/h)

Display Range:         0.1 µSv/h to 15 mSv/h (0.01 mR/hr to 1.5 R/h)

Sensitivity:                17 cps/mR/h (137Cs)

Accuracy:                   ±15% of reading within measuring range

Energy Range:          50 keV to 2.0 MeV

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RAM GAM-1 20072020

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Product Specifications

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