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RG-12 Detector

The RG-12 is a GM pancake probe for detection of alpha, beta, gamma and X-Ray radiation. The combination of the RAM R-200 monitor and the RG-12 probe, permits highly efficient surface contamination detection.

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Product Specifications

The detector communicates using a RS-232 protocol and can be connected directly to a Computer for calibrating or downloading data.

Range:           0 – 1.00 Mcpm

Window:        1.5 – 2.0 mg/cm2

Effective area: 6.4 cm2

Sensitivity:     1500 cpm/mR/h (60CO)        

                      120 cpm/Bq/cm2 (90Sr90Y)    

Geiger:           LND 7231

Accuracy:       ± 10% of reading

Temperature Range:  -300C to +600C

Weight:          280 gr. (0.6 lb)          

Diameter:       40 mm (1.6”) 

Length:          155 mm (6.1”)

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Product Specifications

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