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TelePole Meter

The TelePole II is a wide range Telescopic Survey Meter with a dose rate range of between 0.1 uSv/h to 10 Sv/h (0.01 mR/h to 1000 R/h) capable of supporting a wide variety of external detectors.

Now Available: Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole

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Product Specifications

The Telepole II can be used as a stand-alone instrument, or integrated into systems, using existing equipment and software. The TelePole II features built-in data memory, data downloading capability, and an optional integrated transmitter for remote transmission of survey data.

The TelePole II is available with either Aluminum or Carbon Fiber Poles

Material Collapsed Length Extended Length
Aluminum 82 cm (2.7 ft.) 1.76 m (5.7 ft.)
Carbon Fiber (thin) 108 cm (3.5 ft.) 3.61 m (12 ft)
Carbon Fiber (wide) 108 cm (3.5 ft.) 3.69 m (12 ft.)
Aluminum 119 cm (3.9 ft.) 3.35 m (11ft.)
Aluminum 139 cm (4.6 ft.) 4.12 m (13.5 ft.)


Gamma Wide Range External Detector 

Radiation Measured:         Gamma, X-Rays

Detector:                                ZP-1201 and ZP1301 or equivalent

Dose Rate Range (Sv):     0.1 uSv/h to 10 Sv/h

Dose Rate Range (R):       0.01 mR/h to 1,000 R/h

Dose Range:                        0.01 uSv to 999 Sv (0.01 mR to 999 R)

Sensitivity:                            17 cps/mR/h  / 0.3 cps/mR/h

Energy Range:                     65 keV to 2 MeV

Protection:                            IP65 or IP-67 rated


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TelePole II 03092019

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Product Specifications


Detector:                                 Energy Compensated GM tube (ZP-1201 or equivalent)

Dose Rate Range (Sv):       0.1 uSv/h to 15 mSv/h

Dose Rate Range (R):         0.01 mR/h to 1.5 R/h

Energy Range:                       50 KeV – 2 MeV

Energy Response:                 Better than 20% for whole energy range

Sensitivity (137Cs):                17 cps/mR/h

Display:                                    Color TFT Display

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