Stack Detector PM-11 Highly Sensitive Gamma Detector


The PM-11 Detector is a highly sensitive radiation detector used to measure concentration in Bq/m3 or uCi/ml and Released Activity in Bq and Ci, in exhaust stacks  where radioactive effluent is released.

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Radiation Detected Gamma above 50 keV
Detector NaI(Tl) 2″ X 2″
Energy Calibration Optional factory calibrated single channel analyzer (SCA) within the energy range
Count Rate Range 0 to 50,000 CPS
Sensitivity (Cs-137) 20,000 cps/mR/h
Output Signals TTL Pulses
Temperature Range Operation: -10oC to +50oC (15oF to 122oF)
Storage: -20oC to +60oC (-5oF to 140oF)
Humidity Range 40% to 95% RH (non condensing)
Dimensions 340mm (13.4″) length, 70 mm (2.75″) diameter
Weight 1.75kg (3.9 lbs)
Casing Aluminum, splash proof
Sensitivity Radionuclide Sensitivity (cpm/Bq/cm2) MDL (Bq/cm2)
F-18 350 10 (511 keV Window)
I-131 320 12 (Open Window)
Tc-99m 315 12 (Open Window)
Cr-51 27 140 (Open Window)
Cs-137 300 1.2 (Open Window)
* Minimum detectable level calculations are based on background reading
   of 600 cpm.
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